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About me

Peter Delahaye - Abstract Painter

I am self-taught as an artist and realise that that is both a blessing and a hindrance.  While I don’t have the vocabulary of ‘schooled’ artists, I know I carry colour in my head - that is a tremendous gift.  From the collection of paintings offered here you will understand that I am first and foremost an abstract painter.  So-called 'paintings of nothing' fascinate me, much more than figurative or representational art.  I am currently working on what I call 'hiding and revealing' in my art.  This helps me find the simplicity I'm trying to express and there is a high degree of chance incorporated.

I work in a variety of media, usually in small scale format.  I am highly experimental, and so you'll see soap used with watercolour, or 3M tape used in collage.

The 'series' that are shown in the collection give you an idea of the evolution of my work over the past ten years, and the most recent paintings aopear first.  Works earlier than 2004  are not part of this website.

I currently work in my studios in Venice, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand.  Works are available there, plus in London.