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Peter Delahaye - Abstract Painter

I'm a collector who half way through life found out I could paint.  I collected instinctively what I was attracted to ...Nigerian Ife primitive paintings – the hungrier the artist the better the work; Vietnamese masters painted on bag paper with holes in it; extraordinary abstracts from an Italian women in Piazza Navona desperate to sell works to fund her ticket to Spain for her next show – I had $300 in my pocket and pocketed four, later to be valued at $2,000 each in New York; a talented Colombian working in upstate New York who preferred to be a horse breeder, and gave his dealer two paintings a year.  I have rarely sold anything from my collection - that's testimony to absolute certainty about what attracts me to art.

I also slowly understood that I carried colour in my head.  It took me many years before I could make a connection between that and being a colourist.

Paul Klee, during his Tunisian journey in the early 1900s exclaimed triumphantly “Colour and I are one”.  Indeed on meeting Klee in art books, and later at the Klee Museum, I realized I had found a true soul mate.