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The paintings you can choose to see on this site come from several series, the latest at the top.  Some of the series relate to specific exhibitions, and there is a chronology for these from 2004 to 2014.

Panni Stesi literally means "hung washing" in Italian, and was a six-artist group show that I organised in 2013 in Venice for fellow artist friends: Bruno Bagetto; Ettore Fassini; Hélène Ferruzzi; Pia Lionello; Claudio Trevisan, and myself.

Three Day Pass was another show that took place in Venice in 2013, and was a virtual fusion of Bruno Bagetto's photos of the Angkor Wat Temple complex walls, and my abstract interpretations. 

'B ack to white' was a show held in Bangkok in 2011 and continued the study on the 'hiding and revealing' theme.

'Alchemy - watercolours and weave' took place at Pipalot, upstairs at Baber Mahal Revisited in Kathmandu Nepal in 2010.  This exhibition showcased examples of carpet design and three splendid rugs just off the loom.  These carpets are woven in bamboo silk, a relatively new fibre that is hand dyed and unique to translating the transparency of watercolours into weave.  They are still available as a commission.

'Bangkok' painting contains two paintings done in Northern Thailand which have never been shown and were purchased at an auction for UNICEF.

'New Works on Paper' was my show in 2009, a one-day event, and my first exhibition in Bangkok, where I resided until August 2011.  There is definitely an Asian influence in some of the abstract work (Urban 1 and 2), while the triptych acrylic paintings were started in St.Ives, Cornwall and finished in Bangkok.

Inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources.  For the 'Midnight Series', painted in 2005-2006, I realised that during a tour of Axel Vorvoort's chateau and art gallery (housed in an old oil refinery) in Antwerp I was taking in image after image of wall textures in my head.  Almost every square metre of wall surface could have been framed.  These mental images came out in a variety of small square acompositional abstracts, all 20 x 20 cm.  Some 54 paintings were shown in Brussels in 2006, and most of the 80 paintings completed in this series have been sold.

The 'Snail Series' has never had a proper outing, and now is in collections as far apart as Venice and Kathmandu.  

'Something about Squares' was my first show in Brussels, held in  2004 at the 'Art et influences' gallery on Avenue Louise. 

The 'Carpet Series' contains two pages of very different work.  The first page consists of new works designed to be interpreted into Tibetan wool and silk carpets produced in Kathmandu in 2010.  The second page is of earlier carpet works done on commission.

Hotel Art - page under construction (2010)

Textiles - page under construction (2010)